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To Do ListNot everyone has the ability to just draw their own clipart if they can’t find what they need quickly.

Even artists and photographers enjoy another person’s perspective and creativity.

It’s nice to see something from a different perspective and there are millions of ideas to choose from in the world of Internet images. To help you along, I’d like to suggest that besides the free clipart websites that you have already most likely searched through, and been disappointed in, that you can either ask for friends and family for certain photographs that they might have on hand. If you do that, be CERTAIN to get their permission to use their photo in writing, to avoid any problems later on.

Surprise!You can also take photographs of people places and things if you need the extra clipart image, however, as with the previous suggestion, be sure that you get a release from owners or the people that you photograph – especially children! Not everyone wants their face, or the face of their child spread over the Internet.

A treasure-trove of clipart can be found in one of many sites that offer free, public domain photos. One such site is Public Domain Images. There are a lot of ads on the site, however, so pay attention to any rabbit trails you may end up on if you go off-site. Advertisements are what pay the bills for sites such as this that offer anything free.

Magic wandIf you still can’t find what you need and would like a custom clipart cartoon, contact me for pricing, or to discuss other arrangements. Ask me too, about web site retainer packages that include free clipart each month in addition to updating and maintaining your website as well as optimizing your SEO (search engine optimization) marketing.

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