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Coaching is available with all projects. 

The purpose of a Creative Coaching Session is to give you the opportunity to free-flow your thoughts regarding events, ideas, dreams and desired goals that you find yourself juggling without focus. As you speak, I’m identifying common thoughts and ideas, and visually drawing them while you speak.

EXAMPLES from some of the people Shannon has coached:

An author who had just published a book was overwhelmed with all of the social media marketing and product creation advice he was receiving. He had originally contacted us to build a website for his book, and through several coaching sessions realized a better focus and method of marketing for his lifestyle – and the expectations of his particular readership.

A man who had been frustrated that he could never finish anything but loved starting things. He began to talk about his frustration regarding his perceived failures and lack of follow-through. As he talked, it became clear that what he was viewing as weaknesses, were, in fact, valuable assets. By re-positioning his thinking regarding his strengths, he changed his focus and became a consultant to start up businesses.

A woman over fifty wondered how to rebuild her life after her kids had left the nest and her marriage had ended in divorce.  Identifying common threads in motivation and talents, I drew identifying images and visual results of the meaning of her life. Recognizing that she had value in who she was, renewed her purpose and strength, and uncovered a forgotten talent that she turned into a viable and profitable work-at-home business.

Graphic Recording from actual coaching session
Taking the graphic recording home and framing it as a constant reminder of one's worth and purpose forms a personal "Goal Board" from the heart.

Graphic Recording During a Coaching Session

Often, we become so accustomed to our own thoughts, particularly the ones we hold dear, that we overlook what may be obvious to others. When you see the images, keywords, and phrases stemming from these thoughts laid out on paper before you, it not only brings forth hidden strengths but also unveils the negative thoughts that have been keeping them suppressed.

“I didn’t see the patterns until you drew this representation of what I’ve been thinking all along. Now I know what I need to do. Thank you so much! This was incredible.” 

Creative Group Coaching

Group coaching is facilitated with words, stories, and metaphors, as well as graphic recording to illustrate processes, thoughts, or a sequence of events.

This is helpful for teams when working on projects that require thoughtful planning. Perfect for nonprofits, small businesses, and churches. 

Shannon coaching and graphic recording

Creative Brainstorming

Interesting, fun, and thought provoking.  These special events are hosted in person and online. Experience the opportunity to free-flow your thoughts regarding events, ideas, dreams, and desired goals that you and/or your leaders or attendees find yourself juggling.

As you or your attendees speak, I’m identifying common thoughts and ideas, and visually drawing them while you speak.

We harness the collective synergy of individuals in the room, pooling together examples, thoughts, ideas, and concepts on a board at the forefront to optimize the brainstorming session.


One man had an invention and wanted to brainstorm on raising the money to fulfill a giant order from a major retail outlet.

One woman wanted feedback on the title of her new book.

Another woman found herself in an unexpected caregiving situation and needed to think about the best way to manage her household and the location of furniture to accommodate her loved one.

The list and reasons for drawing upon the synergy that is created by coaching in a group session is the feedback you receive is filled with a variety and resources. (Ask me about how you can register for a group session locally near Denver, Colorado, or online)


Your turn on the hot seat. You have two minutes to present your question/problem or issue to the room.

The rest of the people will now spend 8-13 minutes brainstorming and throwing out ideas which you have the option of writing down. Don’t worry about making any decisions – you’re just collecting ideas right now. When you are home, you can review your list later.

Each person takes a turn. Because of the 8-15 minute limit on brainstorming, it is important to come prepared with your issue.

You are also welcome to come as a guest.  The ideas are flying around freely – bet you catch one! Naturally, you are always welcome to join in on the fun.  

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