Capture Your Ideas with Intention

EagleIf you are breathing, you are thinking. And if you are thinking, you are thinking of all kids of things, and during the day, you’ll have an idea, or a thought. The conversation in your head might sound something like, “I wish someone would invent something that would …” (and then you describe the invention) or, “I bet this would work better if I …” or maybe a funny thought floats through (ahem on myself) and you say, “Oh! This would make a great cartoon!”

Then you continue what you are doing and the idea passes through your brain and out the window.

Later at home you stop and think, “Oh yeah! What was that thought? I needed to write that down …” And just like a dream who’s memory passes all too quickly, you just can’t reach far enough into the day to remember the whole thing … or can you?

Capturing thoughts and ideas is like hunting prey. Sometimes they are out in the open and sometimes you have to search for on them. It takes a keen eye to see what others can’t, and a sharp memory to remember the details. Focus-visualize-conceptualize … with an  intention to remember, and take a snapshot of it in your mind before it gets away. Great ideas should be grasped firmly!

Better yet, pull out your smart phone and with the voice recorder app that you downloaded earlier (hint-hint) speak those ideas into your phone and save them for later action.  If you are like me, some of the best ideas come at the most inopportune times – like driving on the road! Ever try to jot down an idea on paper with one hand while keeping your eyes on the road? HA! Just try and read it when you stop!

One of the best ways to move to the next level on capturing an idea is brainstorming it with other people. I host several online chats and offline meetings in the Denver metro area to just brainstorm creative ideas and to make room for collaborations, joint ventures and strategic alliances. Why don’t you join us?

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