Virtual Assistance

Hire a Virtual Assistant to help you with those administrative tasks!

Writing content for blog posts and articles

Help is on the way! Available to you remotely and located in Colorado, USA, you’ll have access to your own personal, virtual helper for short term and monthly services.

Hire an assistant on a per-project basis or a monthly retainer that ranges from 3 months to 12-month contracts fit for your budget and administrative needs.* 

SAVE MONEY, get more hours! Retainers for 3/mo, 6/mo, 12/mo. Time slots. Reserve your slot now!

Utilize your Virtual Assistant for administrative tasks such as:

  • Project Management – turn over the frustrating task of juggling tasks and timelines
  • Editing – for your manuscript or your website. 
  • Managing email – filter your most important emails and respond to the rest on your behalf
  • Tracking Employees – track employees through text check-ins and communication 
  • Social tasks – Imagine what an impression you will make when your customers receive personal holiday cards or thank you notes written and sent by your assistant
  • Travel research – help in finding hotels, booking airfares and mapping out trip itineraries both for business and pleasure
  • Online research – save time by having your VA do the research for you!
  • Data entry – Business cards, cataloging, and indexing, tracking website comments, evaluation forms from meetings and events are a few of things data entry is needed.
  • Scheduling – many scheduling tools are now available online, but all calendars need management, follow-up, and follow-through.
  • Industry News Collecting – Stay on top of industry news, articles and resources that you can then use in your Social Media feeds and blog posts.

MORE IDEAS to save you time and money

Catch that idea with a dump zone!

Here’s an excellent article written by Chris Ducker with a massive list of 101 tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant – and why you need to do this.

Speak to your assistant personally over the phone, over Skype, by email or by text. 

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