WordPress Websites for Authors, Speakers, Small Business and Nonprofits

WordPress websites

Do you have a WordPress website, or want one?

If you are ready to blog, or sell products online, or educate readers about your project or business, a WordPress site is perfect for you.

The ability to grow and expand is limitless. Start as simple or as complicated as you need to.  Just like a painter’s palette, you have many elements within your business or nonprofit that you need to juggle and piece together before you can effectively “paint the picture” of what you do to your clients and readers.

If you have an existing site that you have become frustrated with and need to update and maximize its effectiveness, then take a look at moving over to WordPress.

As a creative entrepreneur, artist, and writer, I have worked with some of the most amazing people in the business world. I understand not only the various industries and their specialized needs, I provide creative services from cartoons and book illustrations to graphic recording for my clients at a discount when they contract with me to assist them with their first or existing WordPress website.

CONTACT ME now for your free consultation and assessment.


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