Creating an Avatar and Why You Need One

avatarsAn Avatar is a specifically sized image that is either your photo, logo or a graphic that you want to represent you. There is a website that I highly recommend, which will facilitate your Avatar following your email address on anything you post information to, such as comments on blogs, including your own.

The site is  Create an account, include your desired Avatar, profile pic, biographical or company information and the email address you use to make posts. Now, whenever you make a post, your Avatar will automatically follow your email address, where ever you post – and readers can click on your Avatar to get more information about you and learn where they can find you online. This is a must for driving traffic to your website as you work towards building relationships with other bloggers!

So, what size should an Avatar be and how do you formulate one? Where else can you use your Avatar? Here’s a great article post that will give you all the details … Go to:  How to Optimize Your Profile Photos Across Social Media



Adding Images to Your Blog Post

Every blog post you write benefits greatly if you add an image, video, clipart or graph. Engaging your reader on more than one sensory level peeks their interest, understanding and assists in eye comfort while reading text online.

In this short video, I tell you how to upload an image, show you how to resize it and how to move it from side to side.

Graphics Programs – You Need One!

Creative Virtual Office - Your Creative Pit-Stop! Affordable Creative Services Online and OfflineHaving all the right tools to do the job you need to do is always vital. Having the finances to buy all those tools is not always convenient or available.

Here’s one of my favorite graphic programs that is … FREE!

More and more tools, software, and gadgets are appearing that are fantastic alternatives to the name brand fancier programs. I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you …

A Good Graphic Program …  Everyone needs this! For simple things like lowering the resolution of an image file to something that can be used on a website, or being able to crop out areas you don’t want, or to resize the image entirely, you’ll need a graphics program. If you want to add text, special effects or even create an animated .gif (advanced, of course) you’ll still need a graphics program. Microsoft Paint isn’t going to cut it – that’s just a super simple software that allows you to save image files and tweak just a little bit.

So … Adobe has outstanding programs such as PhotoShop or Illustrator. But if you can’t afford hundreds of dollars right now, consider an open-source program called GIMP. Open source means that many people are contributing to the creation, development, and improvement and offer the software for free.

Click on any of the embedded links to view the various software that I mention in this post.

Graphic Programs – What’s That?

If you plan on doing any kind of marketing, saving, sending or editing any photos, graphics or artwork, you need a graphics program.


A powerful, open-source graphic program that is comparable to Adobe Photoshop is a software named GIMP.  Download this now if you don’t have a good program to edit your image files with.  Yes, this software is FREE! (Open source means that it’s software that is available to all to continue developing and improving it – and it’s free.

To learn GIMP, turn to YouTube – pause it as often as you like until you can get the basics.  You don’t have to be an expert and with this software, you can work with your image files to do simple tasks such as resizing the dimensions as well as the resolution.

There are a “zillion” tutorials on YouTube that will help familiarize yourself with the features and how-to’s that you’ll need while you create your masterpieces. Search YouTube using keywords like these:

  • Beginner tutorials for GIMP
  • Resizing images with GIMP
  • Removing backgrounds with GIMP
  • Changing the resolution of an image in GIMP

Get the idea?  Have fun!