Adding Images to Your Blog Post

Every blog post you write benefits greatly if you add an image, video, clipart or graph. Engaging your reader on more than one sensory level peeks their interest, understanding and assists in eye comfort while reading text online.

In this short video, I tell you how to upload an image, show you how to resize it and how to move it from side to side.

Where To Get Images for Your Blog Posts

To Do ListNot everyone has the ability to just draw their own clipart if they can’t find what they need quickly.

Even artists and photographers enjoy another person’s perspective and creativity.

It’s nice to see something from a different perspective and there are millions of ideas to choose from in the world of Internet images. To help you along, I’d like to suggest that besides the free clipart websites that you have already most likely searched through, and been disappointed in, that you can either ask for friends and family for certain photographs that they might have on hand. If you do that, be CERTAIN to get their permission to use their photo in writing, to avoid any problems later on.

Surprise!You can also take photographs of people places and things if you need the extra clipart image, however, as with the previous suggestion, be sure that you get a release from owners or the people that you photograph – especially children! Not everyone wants their face, or the face of their child spread over the Internet.

A treasure-trove of clipart can be found in one of many sites that offer free, public domain photos. One such site is Public Domain Images. There are a lot of ads on the site, however, so pay attention to any rabbit trails you may end up on if you go off-site. Advertisements are what pay the bills for sites such as this that offer anything free.

Magic wandIf you still can’t find what you need and would like a custom clipart cartoon, contact me for pricing, or to discuss other arrangements. Ask me too, about web site retainer packages that include free clipart each month in addition to updating and maintaining your website as well as optimizing your SEO (search engine optimization) marketing.

Lost Opportunity?

Cartoons and humorous illustrationsToday I received a form submission from someone who visited my old site and filled out – well, sort of – my extensive contact form for people requesting book illustrations.

The name on the form said “Lost Opportunity”, the person didn’t give any information but did leave a note, “I would have been happy to have paid a couple of bucks for your artwork, but there was no way that I could, and what’s with this form? You want my blood type too? You just missed an opportunity …”

Well, yes – and no. 

There was a time when I was building an inventory of cartoons and clipart for people to purchase, but the whole idea of trying to guess what people wanted was overwhelming – and with the rise of clipart sites that would be foolish for me to compete against. My art stands on it’s own, and since the services I provide are personable and unique, I don’t have to compete with them. In fact, I have no problem referring people to those sites – or even to my ever growing list of artists and illustrators.

What I learned though – is that at least one person would like to purchase from my site. Okay – I can do that. What do you need? What are you willing to pay? How would you like to use it? Let me know in the comment field below …

The other thing I saw is that my detailed form may be turning people off. It’s there for a purpose – really. It was an attempt to inform people ahead of time what to expect and to help clarify their thoughts about their book illustrations that they wanted. (In the old days, people actually didn’t mind being more thorough in regards to their responses.)

However, the days of giving information up front is gone – my form needs to be replaced by a simple one that says, “hey, call me … let’s chat”. (After all, I hadn’t really thought of it much, but most people prefer to talk it out anyway.) Okay – you win on this one. And yes, what IS your blood type? Better yet, tell me what dream you’re building that you couldn’t find what you needed. 

Lost opportunity? Nah. That sarcastic form submission was timely and super appreciated. I learned a lot. On the down side …. 1. You only want to pay a couple of bucks for original artwork 2. You want it fast and easy 3. You don’t want to tell me what you need. 

On the upside … 1. You found me and took time to look around. Thank you! 2. You wanted to buy. 3. Your time is valuable and filling out a long form feels too much like a contract – so you’d rather not.

By the way, my phone number is plastered all over the place … call me (720) 295-7409