Graphics Programs – You Need One!

Creative Virtual Office - Your Creative Pit-Stop! Affordable Creative Services Online and OfflineHaving all the right tools to do the job you need to do is always vital. Having the finances to buy all those tools is not always convenient or available.

Here’s one of my favorite graphic programs that is … FREE!

More and more tools, software, and gadgets are appearing that are fantastic alternatives to the name brand fancier programs. I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you …

A Good Graphic Program …  Everyone needs this! For simple things like lowering the resolution of an image file to something that can be used on a website, or being able to crop out areas you don’t want, or to resize the image entirely, you’ll need a graphics program. If you want to add text, special effects or even create an animated .gif (advanced, of course) you’ll still need a graphics program. Microsoft Paint isn’t going to cut it – that’s just a super simple software that allows you to save image files and tweak just a little bit.

So … Adobe has outstanding programs such as PhotoShop or Illustrator. But if you can’t afford hundreds of dollars right now, consider an open-source program called GIMP. Open source means that many people are contributing to the creation, development, and improvement and offer the software for free.

Click on any of the embedded links to view the various software that I mention in this post.

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