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watercolor painting of a lightbulb filled with splashes of rainbow colors representing ideas.
A woman is being interviewed. She's leaning forward in answering the questions, as she is dressed casually in a blue blouse under a white shirt.
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watercolor painting of a lightbulb filled with splashes of rainbow colors representing ideas.


If you can’t think of what questions you want to ask, then jot down your thoughts as they come, or what you care about. 

FREE AI assistance

Paste this information into my favorite AI tool, Voila browser assistant.

Or other search tools such as Gemini  by Google


 “Please provide me with 50 interview questions about (insert your favorite topic) 

You can ask for as many questions as you like. They can be used or not used. This is a tool to help you focus and clarify what matters most to you. It’s also a great catalyst for other ideas!

Picture this ...

You agree to be interviewed on camera and with the recording you can repurpose this one event in many ways … just think of how many people can be impacted by that one interview, for years to come … even long after you are gone. Now THAT’S leaving a legacy.

Here are several ways a single video interview can be repurposed across different mediums:

Product Creation:

    • Create short video clips highlighting key insights or quotes from the interview for product promotions.
    • Use footage from the interview to showcase behind-the-scenes content for product launches or updates.

Social Media Marketing:

      • Share the full video interview on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
      • Create shorter clips or teaser videos to generate interest and engage with audiences on various social media channels.


    • Convert the audio from the video interview into podcast episodes for distribution on podcast platforms.
    • Use excerpts from the interview as podcast segments or discussions on related topics.


    • Transcribe the interview to create written content for blog posts, articles, or eBooks.
    • Incorporate key insights or stories from the interview into a book as supporting content.

Email Marketing:

    • Embed snippets of the video interview in email campaigns to provide valuable content to subscribers.
    • Send out email newsletters featuring highlights or key takeaways from the interview to engage with the audience.

Training and Education:

    • Develop online courses or training modules using excerpts from the interview as educational material.
    • Incorporate relevant discussions from the interview into presentations or workshops for training purposes.

Events and Webinars:

    • Use clips from the video interview as part of virtual events, webinars, or online workshops.
    • Repurpose the interview recording into on-demand video content for future event promotions.

By repurposing a single video interview in these ways, businesses can extend the lifespan of their content, reach new audiences, and enhance engagement across different platforms and mediums.

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