Graphic Programs – What’s That?

If you plan on doing any kind of marketing, saving, sending or editing any photos, graphics or artwork, you need a graphics program.


A powerful, open-source graphic program that is comparable to Adobe Photoshop is a software named GIMP.  Download this now if you don’t have a good program to edit your image files with.  Yes, this software is FREE! (Open source means that it’s software that is available to all to continue developing and improving it – and it’s free.

To learn GIMP, turn to YouTube – pause it as often as you like until you can get the basics.  You don’t have to be an expert and with this software, you can work with your image files to do simple tasks such as resizing the dimensions as well as the resolution.

There are a “zillion” tutorials on YouTube that will help familiarize yourself with the features and how-to’s that you’ll need while you create your masterpieces. Search YouTube using keywords like these:

  • Beginner tutorials for GIMP
  • Resizing images with GIMP
  • Removing backgrounds with GIMP
  • Changing the resolution of an image in GIMP

Get the idea?  Have fun!

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