African Charities Aligning with American Charities – Beautiful!

Say Thanks FoundationEkow has a vision. Born in Africa, he knows of a beauty and wealth of culture that the western mind rarely considers. The wealth of family, relationships, and knowing how to survive. Ekow is an artist. He is also a visionary. Instead of taking various colors of ink and creating his lovely art, he has a vision of taking the various colors of humanity and painting a world wide vision of compassion and hope.

Just as a child will walk through a field of flowers and pluck one of each color to place in the bouquet that Mother will receive with thanks when the child comes home, so it is with the Say Thanks Foundation.

Each culture has a gift to bring to the world in an attitude of thanks. Introducing African charities to Americans and visa versa allows the possibility to knit together sister visions and to create teams who together, can accomplish in a year what would take a single charity to achieve in ten.

With so much anger and hatred being broadcast through the news and even in so-called “entertainment” TV shows, Ekow has already sponsored one successful evening introducing the people of Mission Viejo in California to African drums, stories, food and culture. The many photos that have been captured of the event show the gratitude and enjoyment that the audience received from his gift. Be sure to follow the SayThanks foundation on Facebook!

It’s been a pleasure to help Ekow bring forth such a wonderful vision of painting with humanity by creating the website for him. Wait until you see what he’s picturing in his mind next!

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One thought on “African Charities Aligning with American Charities – Beautiful!

  1. Ekow says:

    I could not have stated this any better…
    Perhaps when more people acknowledge that the idea of charity is that of building relationships we will ALL benefit from charitable efforts.

    If you helped me, I’d ask that you be generous enough to allow me to help you in whatever way I can. You see, charity is a two way relationship, and Africa has a lot to give the world.
    – Ekow (

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