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Help! I need some creative solutions!

Consultation with graphic recording to visually illustrate what matters most to you in your business. Creative solutions and resources provided for you.

“I’m going in too many directions!” the woman sat across from me with her hand pressed against her forehead.  “I have a love/hate relationship with just about everything I’m doing, and I just can’t keep spreading myself so thin. What do I do?” 

I began asking her questions and listening very carefully to what I was hearing – not only in her words, but in between the lines. Pulling up my flip chart we began writing things down and drawing pictures that would have meaning to her. (Schedule yours now)

When we finished, she squealed and clapped her hands. “I can’t believe it! You are amazing! How did you KNOW?” I love it when people leave my office, or hang up the phone shouting with joy and renewed enthusiasm!

Where it all began, I can’t tell you, but what I can tell you is that not only has God given me a wonderful gift of encouragement and an artistic talent, He has opened my ears and my eyes to see potential in people.  Utilizing the skills, talents, and insights that He has given me, I blend them all together and literally Illustrate Your Potential!

This part of what I do personally is probably the most fulfilling and fun part of my own destiny and purpose.  To bring hope, clarification and meaning to people who thought they had blown it, or had no talent is more exciting than anything else I can think of.

A Purpose Discovery session usually lasts anywhere from one to three hours. I am available to do them by phone, or in person.  By doing it in person you have the added benefit of visualization as we plot out your thoughts and impressions on the flipchart  in front of you. 

If you are interested in finding focus, meaning and passion to what you plan to do for the rest of your life, CLICK HERE to contact me further about scheduling your own Purpose Discovery session!

“During my first visit with Shannon, I was able to see who I am, rather than what others think I am or shouldbe.  This was very helpful because I was a bit lost in my direction, but now have a focus toward my passion.  Matter-of-fact, after meeting with Shannon, I was scheduled to speak with a school principal and staff about the importance of passion.”                                           — JM

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