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Artist at easelImages in posts are extremely important but not always easy to come by. There are times when your blog post just doesn’t have enough descriptive words to conjure up an image, or, after searching the Internet for way too long, you find nothing that inspires you, or enhances the post.

Perhaps you are making a comment on another bloggers article, or a newspaper article and to use an image from their site would mean copyright infringement. Nope, don’t want to go there!

Here are some ideas to help you fill that image space which will enhance your blog post and break up the monotony of the reader’s eye and attention span.

Dream Clouds1. Take your own photo – Most likely you already have a smart phone or a phone that can take photos.  Snap a quick picture of something that is related or sets a tone.

Here’s some quick ideas:

  • A desk shot speaks of work, thinking, writing, entrepreneurship, blogging, workplace … 
  • Your garden! Reflections of images that speak to women, gardeners, nature, fragrance, emotions …
  • Automobiles set the tone for men, speed, automotive industry, paint, design, repair, travel, money
  • Money! Who doesn’t like a good shot of money? Coins, bills, or both – get creative and have fun snapping several shots to build your inventory of wealthy images. 

2.Screen shot of a website Screen Capture the site that you are commenting about. SnagIt is my favorite screen capture software tools because it also comes with an editor that makes special effects super easy. I can capture the site in question (that I’m commenting on) and make it a nice, small thumbnail, add a shadow and ta-da! I have a great image to help enhance my content.

3. TeamworkArtwork or Cartoons are always fun to have in a blog post. Simple clipart or more detailed illustrations attract the eye and help keep the reader’s interest. Contact me about creating custom content for your site or sign up to my periodic newsletter to receive free clipart for blogs.

4. Microsoft provides images for use on their site which have a nice variety of photos and clipart.

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