Website Maintenance Retainer

The monthly maintenance is for maintenance and minor editing.
Re-designing, and/or creating new pages are $75 an hour

Referring to public websites as a desired layout will be considered, but not copied. The focus is on performance, readability, and SEO optimization. Any reference to features you like or don’t like is to be discussed before the project has begun, not after, and certainly not after it’s been completed.

If an outside webdesign is preferred that is other than what I provide, then I suggest you hire that particular web designer.

Web design is much like artwork. It is intellectual property and has the style of the webmaster who created it. It is illegal to copy artwork or reproduce it.

Once a page has been declared finished, it is checked off the list. Any remaining pages that need to be updated will be either waved by the client, or finished in a timely manner upon hiring my services.

Websites are always evolving and growing – over time. If changes and layout are requested repeatedly, then the project will need to be re-evaluated.

It is assumed that before a website is created, that the client will already have a clear idea of what is to be accomplished with the site, and what the focus will be.

If this is not clear, then it would be best to begin with coaching services first.

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