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 My name is Shannon Parish

For over 25 years, I’ve had the pleasure of serving an amazing assortment of Authors, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs. My greatest fulfillment has been serving in organizations that are focused on meeting their needs and supporting them in creating their careers which are focused on helping others. Wow, what a great tribe of people to hang with! Organizations such as: 

  • Colorado Speakers Association (Now National Speakers Association, Colorado)
  • Colorado Independent Publishers
  • Author (U)niversity

I’ve provided a unique range of Creative Services from drawing cartoons, illustrating, and building websites to speaking and coaching. Coaching has been my favorite thing to do because no matter what I’m doing, coaching is always something that is needed when building dreams, communicating with customers, and creating a future that is in harmony with building a whole and balanced life.

All of my creative services have followed over 30 years in Christian ministry.  Needless to say, I’ve seen the best of people and the worse of people. People who know their path and people who find themselves on a path that they are trying to make sense of.

Those who push forward in spite of the challenges thrown their way are my heroes! They think out of the box and have amazing stories to tell, products to sell, and profits to make.

As is common with these change-makers, there are many needs to launching their books, products, and small business.  Beginning with providing Creative Virtual Office support in 1997. 

During 2004 I expanded my business by becoming a lifetime member of CEO Space. The largest entrepreneurial community in the nation, if not the world. My business, networking, and education in regard to branding, product development, and Internet marketing continued to expand. As a “Creative” I had found my tribe!

One of my websites was mentioned in TIME magazine in 2007!  I had developed a community website for pastors wives and women in ministry who needed a healthy support system and loving community online.  A huge success, I learned a great deal about community dynamics which complimented my education through Christian ministry in every position imaginable as a teacher, secretary, Associate Pastor, and then Co-Senior Pastor.

I also had the pleasure of providing graphic recording services to authors, Michael Hyatt, and Laurie Beth Jones, as well as organizations such as Christian Coach Institute and the University at Phoenix.

Call me to schedule an appointment to discuss your creative needs!
(720) 295-7409

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