WordPress Websites for Authors, Speakers, Small Business and Nonprofits

Do you have a WordPress website, or want one?

If you are ready to blog, or sell products online, or educate readers about your project or business, a WordPress site is perfect for you.

The ability to grow and expand is limitless. Start as simple or as complicated as you need to.  Just like a painter’s palette, you have many elements within your business or nonprofit that you need to juggle and piece together before you can effectively “paint the picture” of what you do to your clients and readers.

Wish I had called you earlier! You’ve saved me massive amounts of time and money, just because you heard my vision and helped me pull all of my creative pieces together into one functioning plan. What a relief! Now I’m excited about my business again. Thanks!”  

If you have an existing site that you have become frustrated with and need to update and maximize its effectiveness, then take a look at moving over to WordPress.

Clients with existing WordPress sites often contact me to maintain and update their sites, too. As a creative entrepreneur, artist and writer, I have worked with some of the most amazing people in the business word. I understand not only the various industries and their specialized needs, I provide creative services from cartoons and book illustrations, to graphic recording for my clients at a discount when they contract with me to assist them with their first or existing WordPress website or Book Launch site.

It’s a pure joy working with Shannon. She is a treasure trove of inspiration, ideas and resources. Somehow she intuitively gets what it is that makes me tick – and while working with her, I am relieved to know that finally someone can help me communicate to my customers in a visual way, what it is that I do and WHY I do it.” 

“Shannon is a wealth of information and resources. I’m so excited about all of the ideas and concepts that we put together, I can’t sleep at night!” 

“I never thought I could find so much in one place. Together we have illustrated my book, built a website and created products and a marketing plan that includes state-of-the-art video communication tools. People are wondering what I’m up to because I can’t get this silly grin off my face!”

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