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Best Screen Capture Software

How lucky am I? While discussing with a client what screen-capture software to use, I was contacted by another blogger about possibly linking to a blog post he’d written about … getRead More…

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FREE Clipart and Photo Resources

Here’s a great list of FREE Photo and Clipart resources

No need to keep searching for free clipart or free photos! Here’s a nifty list with many various resources and websites that provide free clipart and photos for your blog posts. NoteRead More…

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WordPress logo

What is the Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

Are you finally jumping into the world of WordPress and are thinking of building, or having a WordPress website created for you? It’s easy to get confused about what to do, becauseRead More…

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Customized artwork

Contracting for Customized Artwork

Often a customer has a specific need or character in mind.  Choosing existing clipart or cartoons sometimes doesn’t  work for a new project, and so they call me to consult with themRead More…

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More Than Meets the Eye …

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words … Not every illustration and cartoon has to be funny.  Sometimes the message is so difficult that just a touch of humor (or sugar) makesRead More…

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WordPress Websites

4 Options to Make Your Site a Mobile Friendly Website

April 21st is the deadline that Google has set for people to make their websites mobile friendly.  Here’s 4 options that will give you a mobile friendly website.   In this blog postRead More…

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Google Birthday Calendar

How to make the Google Birthday Calendar disappear

How to make the Google Birthday Calendar disappear in 6 easy steps * (updated 4/9/2015) Whoot! Whoot!  FINALLY Google updated this so that we can hide the Google Calendar birthdays. Have noRead More…

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Best Way to Stop Spam 100% to Free Up Your Inbox and Life

Wasting 2-3 hours a day on deleting spam and setting filters that won’t work, just about put me over the edge. Every November there is a dramatic increase in spam emails which continue through DecemberRead More…

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What Exactly Does Work for Hire Mean?

The conversation that revolves around work for hire is one that I repeatedly have with my clients. I do not do work for hire work at my normal prices. Why? There is noRead More…

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Connecting with Creative Geniuses is Smart Business!

Connecting with Creative Geniuses is smart business! I had the pleasure of being a part of a video shoot for a couple of clients of mine. The young man who was doingRead More…

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