Contracting for Customized Artwork

Custom art on a marketing productOften a customer has a specific need or character in mind.  Choosing existing clipart or cartoons sometimes doesn’t  work for a new project, and so they call me to consult with them regarding creating a new piece of artwork or cartoon. 

As a Professional Creative Life Coach, I’m use to working with entrepreneurs and other creative individuals who have a vision or an idea in mind, but are overwhelmed with how to get from A to B.  They may have one idea, but instinctively know that there’s more to their idea than what they can see. When they hire me as a coach, not only do they get a discount for their custom artwork, they access ideas, strategies and resources that make their project all that more possible. 

Not only do I provide creative services, I also network with a wide range of other service providers and artists who are excellent and are great team members. Not every artistic style meets every need. My joy is in helping you move forward with your project and dream, as an artist, a coach, or both.

If you don’t mind the image being resold, then you save money.  If you want artwork that will be original to your product and own all rights, then your investment will be higher.  Copyright and licensing is negotiable when you have a win/win outcome in mind. 

Call me at 1 (720) 295-7409

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We’re Getting Our Creative MoJo On!

Creative Virtual Office Services on Steroids!

Creative Virtual Office 2001On September 25, 2001 I uploaded my first online business website named Creative Virtual Office. Little did I know that I was nearly ten years ahead of my time! The concept of a virtual office was new and people weren’t sure what that actually meant – let alone how a virtual office would expand and support their business without hiring full time employees.

In an effort to describe to people what types of services that I provided, I created individual websites to highlight each service. WordPress websites, Cartoons, Graphic Recording were highlighted and examples were posted online to highlight what could be created in a virtual office.   Business grew and people started recommending me.

However, I encountered a new problem – and that was that people who were referred to my business with the understanding that I built websites were confused that I created cartoons and original artwork as well as graphic and administrative services.  It appeared that I was talented … but scattered all over the place and that wasn’t something I wanted.  

I thought that by switching to the domain name of, that this would expand the understanding of my clients better. This worked – for awhile. The problem was that confused people too!  Was I a web designer or a cartoonist? Did I provide administrative services or illustrate books? What the heck is graphic recording? To have so many services to solve the problems that small business encountered was pure joy to me, but at the same time, incredibly frustrating because people in general need categories to comprehend how something fits in the big picture of things.

Did someone mention the “big picture?”  A light went on … and I started to get my Creative MoJo on!  Ten years had passed and after being approached to sell the domain name of “” more than once, a light went on …

The world had caught up to the concept of not only virtual services, but of the need for creative services!  

If it's not your genius - it's not your jobHere’s the fun part about this creative journey of mine – I could understand the similar journey of entrepreneurs and other creative individuals as they navigated through their own business odyssey. Now I could not only provide services, but I found myself providing Creative Coaching to individuals on product ideas, tools and how to envision the future of their business while addressing the day to day details and provide them with the affordable services that they needed to get it all done.

An entire decade of expanding, growing, refining, creating, exploring and serving authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and nonprofits in a wide range of creative services, and creative coaching has resulted in the rebirth of Creative Virtual Office – only this time, it’s on steroids!  

Creative MoJo Brainstorming Events


We’re Getting Our Creative MoJo On!
Creative Virtual Office Services on Steroids!

Creative services for entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and nonprofits at affordable prices including Creative Coaching, Brainstorming events both online and offline to help bring clarity and strategy to the overwhelmed and over-inspired entrepreneur.


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Shannon Parish is Illustrating YOU!

IllustratingYouCartoons, Humorous Illustrations

Graphic Recording

WordPress Sites

Book Launch Sites

Video Communication 


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Quick scan of a Graphic Recording

This is a quick video scan of one of the graphic recordings that I did for the University of Phoenix Continue reading “Quick scan of a Graphic Recording”

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Graphic Recording for Craig Duswalt, Rock Star Marketing Guru at Author U Author U’s Extravaganza had just ended and eight live posters had just been completed over a period of two Continue reading “Graphic Recording for Craig Duswalt, Rock Star Marketing Guru at Author U”

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Graphic Recording for Alex Carroll at the Author U Extravaganza Alex Carroll’s talk on getting onto radio and how to maximize every effort for your marketing purposes – even Continue reading “Graphic Recording for Alex Carroll at the Author U Extravaganza”

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Graphic Recording is explained to Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound May 2011 Author U Extravaganza, I’m explaining to The Publicity Hound, Joan Stewart, what I was drawing while she Continue reading “Graphic Recording is explained to Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound”

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