What Graphic Recording is and How it Works

Graphic recording is the illustrated recording of verbal information, as it is spoken, through cartoons, symbols, metaphors, and keywords, as a visible representation of information, ideas, and strategies or concepts. 

Graphic recording is always done while the artist is listening to the spoken word, whether in person, online or through audio recording. The visuals that are created dramatically increase your audience retention and recall – long after they have heard the speech, brainstormed the ideas or listened to the teaching.  (I have worked with teachers, trainers, professional speakers, and one-on-one or in groups such as board meetings or leadership training.)

As I draw, I am listening carefully to what is being spoken, and at the same time am looking for running themes or threads of thought, patterns, metaphors, concepts, and examples. These visual items are what trigger the memories and thoughts of listeners who would otherwise forget while focusing on the main points of a speech or meeting.

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