A Legacy to Remember …

One of the most important websites I’ve had the pleasure to create for an author is the one that Marilyn VanDerbur requested me to build for her. As WordPress moved rapidly onto the scene, Marilyn made an important decision to be on the cutting edge in transitioning an old, outdated site into a new WordPress site that would allow many opportunities for growth while giving an important message in a clean, easy to read format.

Miss America By Day includes information on Marilyn’s gripping book “Miss America By Day: Learned Lessons from Ultimate Betrayals and Unconditional Love,” her story of surviving years of sexual abuse and how to help others walk their way to wholeness by understanding symptoms and behaviors of those who have been violated at the deepest level.

The minute you begin reading her book, you’ll have a hard time putting it down. Page after page she candidly describes the terror that she lived with on a daily basis and the years of confusing symptoms that she lived with as a result. Marilyn said it is important that people understand what survivors know and that survivors need to know that they are not alone in their horror.

At the end of the book, Marilyn details insightful information to friends, family and professionals that I have found extremely helpful in supporting those I know and love as they walk out their own healing.

Now this book is available in digital form which you can buy when you visit her website. Be sure to note her other products and the videos that are posted on her site of interviews that she has conducted. Her message is clear – believe the victim, look for unexplainable symptoms and behaviors of trauma and use wisdom in approaching victims with what you suspect. Creating a safe environment for the wounded to heal, is vital.

Thank you, Marilyn, for sharing your life with others, and for the legacy of healing you’ve laid out for others.  It’s been such a wonderful pleasure to work with you and to hear your heart.

African Charities Aligning with American Charities – Beautiful!

Say Thanks FoundationEkow has a vision. Born in Africa, he knows of a beauty and wealth of culture that the western mind rarely considers. The wealth of family, relationships, and knowing how to survive. Ekow is an artist. He is also a visionary. Instead of taking various colors of ink and creating his lovely art, he has a vision of taking the various colors of humanity and painting a world wide vision of compassion and hope.

Just as a child will walk through a field of flowers and pluck one of each color to place in the bouquet that Mother will receive with thanks when the child comes home, so it is with the Say Thanks Foundation.

Each culture has a gift to bring to the world in an attitude of thanks. Introducing African charities to Americans and visa versa allows the possibility to knit together sister visions and to create teams who together, can accomplish in a year what would take a single charity to achieve in ten.

With so much anger and hatred being broadcast through the news and even in so-called “entertainment” TV shows, Ekow has already sponsored one successful evening introducing the people of Mission Viejo in California to African drums, stories, food and culture. The many photos that have been captured of the event show the gratitude and enjoyment that the audience received from his gift. Be sure to follow the SayThanks foundation on Facebook!

It’s been a pleasure to help Ekow bring forth such a wonderful vision of painting with humanity by creating the website for him. Wait until you see what he’s picturing in his mind next!

Look Out HOA Bad Guys – Ward Lucas Is On Your Tail!

Neighbors at War!Ward Lucas’s new book “Neighbors at War” has gripping and shocking tales of homeowner association fraud that mirrors vicious mafia tactics and out right fraudulent behavior.

Ward has spent 40 years in investigative journalism and has won more than 70 journalism and civic awards for his reporting and writing. He was the first reporter on the DB Cooper hijacking and the Ted Bundy murders. He has interviewed Presidents and nursing home residents, Secretaries of State to street people.

From organized crime to wiretapping, to professional arson, Lucas has seen it all. In his new book, Neighbors At War, he presents startling information about how the modern Homeowners Association Movement is impacting Americans.

As the stories continue to pour in, in addition to his own horror story, “Neighbors at War” is destined to change the way Americans look at Covenant Controlled Communities. Visit his site and subscribe to his list – you’re going to want to read each one of these unbelievable stories.

Neighbors at War; The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association