You and Your Branded Website

No matter the cover illustration, TIME is recognized worldwide.

Choosing your WordPress template is not only a matter of your personal taste and branding, it needs to reflect the tastes and interests of your target market.

What a corporation will be seeking is very different from a consumer that influences people rather than product development. Because most of my clientele are authors and speakers, the sites that are built for them will reflect either the author or their book.

Having a website that is ordered, friendly, comfortable to read, and navigate through is essential for the target audience that will be purchasing your books and in developing a trusting relationship with you as a speaker and/or author.

The feel of your site is your branding. Colors, layout, and consistent action items are standard that set the stage for what your visitors can expect from you, both online and offline. Both work together to create an experience for the reader with you, the professional. The more comfortable they are the better. If they are entertained or informed in matters that are exciting to share with others (making them look good for knowing you) – even better! Entertainment and education can be provided by audio files, videos, free downloads, interesting photos, quotes, etc. Look at Facebook to see what gets passed along – and think in terms of knitting all of the social media services into your website plan.

There are many ways to ‘knit’ all the pieces together – your first job is to locate the pieces. Who are you? What is the problem you are here to solve? What are your long term goals? How much control do you want to have? What is your financial budget? Creating an online presence is an investment in both time and capital, not to mention patience!

In 1997 I founded an online community for pastors wives and women in ministry. It was the first of its kind online and grew rapidly. People knew what to expect and shared it with others who in turn shared it with their friends too. Then in 2007, the site was mentioned in TIME Magazine and I was quoted in the article they wrote. Why did it matter? It mattered because of BRANDING. The community of women that I served online was provided with a consistent pattern of safety, warmth, growth, education, and entertainment. It mattered enough that TIME magazine noticed. Why do I care? Because TIME is branded baby!

You’ll be amazed at what you have already and will learn what to do with them. Prepare yourself to receive a team into your business building plan, you’ll want to budget your time and your capital to make it most effective. Understanding who you need on your team is part of it.

Team work makes the Dream work!

Call me for a free 1/2 hour consultation if you aren’t sure what all of your pieces are.  

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