WordPress Sites

Whether you have an existing website, or no site at all, WordPress is an excellent way to transition into blogging while building your web presence.

If you’ve been resisting the transition or need assistance with a website that you have been left hanging with, give me a call.

For the author who is new to active Internet presence, WordPress is an outstanding way to not only have a presence world wide, but to sell books … and ease into blogging.

You can have the comments ‘turned-on’ or turned off if you do not wish to have comments… just yet.  When you begin to blog, you’ll not only attract attention with the search engines, but you’ll add value to your site and start developing relationships with your readers …

As you build readership, collect their names and email addresses for future newsletters or special events.  A calendar can be added if you are traveling with book signings etc. too!

Many of my clients are already overwhelmed with all that is involved in writing, editing and publishing their book. Most are just beginning to realize that … writing their book, was the easy part.

If you are not already a member of an organization that supports authors, then I highly recommend that you visit AuthorU  to enhance your book publishing business.

Call me to get you started … (720) 259-7409

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