Connecting with Creative Geniuses is Smart Business!

Connecting with Creative Geniuses is smart business! I had the pleasure of being a part of a video shoot for a couple of clients of mine. The young man who was doingRead More…

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Catch that idea with a dump zone!

7 Ways to Capture Ideas On-The-Go

Do You Have an “Idea Dump-Zone”? If Not, Here’s Why You Need One! Here’s 7 practical ways to capture those slippery ideas before they get away from you, on-the-go! An idea dumpRead More…

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Creative MoJo Brainstorming – Thursday, April 17th

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm If you are stuck on a project, running dry on ideas, or love to brainstorm, you are invited to join us at our first MoJo Brainstorming eventRead More…

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Get Unstuck and Move Through Overwhelm with Brainstorming

Sometimes we can’t see the forest because we’re focused on one tree. In fact, some of us have studied our own personal “tree” or problem so closely and intently, that our noseRead More…

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