Connecting with Creative Geniuses is Smart Business!

The Joker, by Mark Bryant - Artistic Genius
THE JOKER – By Mark Bryant, the young man who is creating the videos for one of our clients.

Connecting with Creative Geniuses is smart business!

I had the pleasure of being a part of a video shoot for a couple of clients of mine. The young man who was doing the work is brilliant! His eye for details, his keen insights into questions that needed to be asked in order to get a quality interview and his professional manner were a tremendous joy to witness.

What made this photo shoot fun, was the fresh perspective this young man had on the subject that my clients were taping. He asked insightful questions, as he calculated the tiniest details of lighting, sound and staging … all the while creating and editing their video in his mind so that he’d get all the right shots.

Creative MoJo Brainstorming EventsWorking with creative people is a blast – even for another creative! Expanding concepts, ideas, implementing them and maximizing every detail is what we do.

Putting Creatives together with dreams, visions, projects, problems and the people who create them (yes, people create problems) is invaluable to anyone building a future.

Hurry though – seating is limited to facilitate effective conversations and brainstorming solutions.

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7 Ways to Capture Ideas On-The-Go

Do You Have an “Idea Dump-Zone”? If Not, Here’s Why You Need One!

Here’s 7 practical ways to capture those slippery ideas before they get away from you, on-the-go!

An idea dump zone is essential for all entrepreneurs or busy people who have ideas popping up all the time. Ever had a winning idea in a shower or driving the car and swore that you’d remember it, only to completely forget it by the time you sat down to a paper and pen?

What about when you and another entrepreneur get into a fascinating conversation and the ideas start flowing so fast that it’s like drinking water from a fire hose? Ever been-there-done-that? Getting into the habit of valuing those ideas is like making daily deposits in the bank.

Catch that idea with a dump zone!With ‘idea dump zones’ you have all of those ideas to dig through to inspire you, give you your next product, next book, or next service.  Maintaining momentum in business is essential to growth and staying relevant.  When you’re under pressure and struggling to force an idea – it won’t be there, unless you’ve created your own dump zones for this purpose.

Here’s some reasons why this is an important habit to get into.  Note the word “habit” too. It takes time to get into the habit of noticing and capturing ideas. That’s why thinking about your dump zones ahead of time will help you to prepare for those exciting times of clarity, inspiration and vision.

Personally acknowledge and notice the idea. Not only does this build confidence, after time, you’ll begin to see patterns and themes that will help you to position yourself better as an expert in your field.

Having a dump zone allows time for sorting of priority and profitability or effectiveness. Jot the idea down, or record it in an electronic device and keep it in a specialized folder where you can easily get back to. This saves you from taking time consuming rabbit trails and will be there when you can make the time to give those ideas the attention they deserve.

Treasure TrunkWhat exactly is a dump zone and how does that work?” one might ask. Here’s some ideas

  • Types (think of this as your gold coins)
    • 3×5 cards
    • Word Document
    • Voice recorder
    • Blog posts – set as drafts
    • Post it notes – poster sized and desktop variety
    • White erase boards – large and small
    • Blank white paper – draw and doodle zone
  • Containers (think of these as your treasure chests)
    • Blog drafts
    • Audio files
    • Hanging files
    • “Treasure” box
    • Folder on your hard drive or in a cloud file storage system
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Creative MoJo Brainstorming – Thursday, April 17th

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

If you are stuck on a project, running dry on ideas, or love to brainstorm, you are invited to join us at our first MoJo Brainstorming event at Ting’s Asian restaurant in Lewisville, at 5:00 pm. We will be meeting in their meeting room towards the back until 8:00 pm.

If you’d like to brainstorm a specific project, please call me at (720) 295-7409 to let me know what it is and we’ll brainstorm ideas for you. We recommend that you bring a digital recorder so that you won’t need to take written notes. If you are a note taker, you are certainly welcome to do that – but I know you’ll want a backup for what you might miss with the verbal ideas.

HINT:  There is a temptation to want to make a decision on an idea immediately.  Please resist this temptation and just receive the ideas as they come. Sometimes one idea leads the brainstorming on to a new path and your solution, idea or inspiration is found several ideas further down from where the idea originated from.  You can toss what you don’t need once you get home and process.

Brainstorming is to get a project (or you) unstuck and to create momentum by thinking in a new way to a familiar issue.

No need to dress up! Come as you are. The food at Ting’s is delicious and very reasonably priced, if you’re coming from work or want to eat there.

Tings is located at 1221 South Public Road, Lafayette, CO 80026. It is a small building that you enter from within the parking lot, with the front door facing West.  The building is on the east side of the parking lot that Flatirons Community Church occupies.

If you are interested in attending an online event, please contact us. We will hold an event when we have at least 8 registrants. This online event will be in a chat room, and will be just as productive as a local event.

Learn more about Creative MoJo Brainstorming Events.

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Get Unstuck and Move Through Overwhelm with Brainstorming

OverwhelmedSometimes we can’t see the forest because we’re focused on one tree. In fact, some of us have studied our own personal “tree” or problem so closely and intently, that our nose is stuck in the bark!

Periodically its important to pull away from a pesky problem or the mind numbing overwhelm that can come when you over think something from one perspective – yours.

In times like this, the synergy that group brainstorming can provide, will get you unstuck and introduce you to new perspectives and ideas to help you move forward with a clearer vision and purpose.

Active discussion

Brainstorming is often overlooked in the home-based business community because “doing it all yourself” is what home-based businesses usually entail.  Getting a fresh perspective helps tremendously to inject new energy and ideas into your business or situation.

If you are in the Denver area and would like to participate in getting your “Creative MoJo” on … we’d like to invite you to our first brainstorming event – with a twist.  Shannon Parish will be available to graphic record ideas and to capture visually, with cartoons, metaphors, and keywords, various ideas.  

Creative MoJo Brainstorming Events

12 seats are available and early registration is requested to ensure proper seating and accommodations.  Sign up now and receive 2 free tickets for yourself and a companion or partner – and bring an issue or problem that you’d like to brainstorm solutions for!

Ideas for brainstorming:

  • Marketing ideas
  • Product ideas
  • Time management ideas
  • Organizational ideas
  • Social Media ideas
  • Strategy
  • Transitioning
  • Tag lines or Title ideas

Whatever your problem is … we can brainstorming it!

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