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How lucky am I? While discussing with a client what screen-capture software to use, I was contacted by another blogger about possibly linking to a blog post he’d written about … get this … Best Screen Capture Software!

The best part of being a creative service provider is knowing that I don’t have to have all the answers – especially to technical issues or products. I prefer to defer to others who have the expertise to investigate and review such things.

Joseph Gildred has is the blogger that I’m speaking of, and his very informative and easy-to-read blog post appears here.  On his post, you’ll find several different brands of screen capture software as well as what is great about each brand.

What is screen capture software? It’s software that is installed on your computer which you can access to capture an image, a webpage or even a video. What you capture can be edited or used as is.

Clients have found it easier to explain issues, dislikes and likes as they browse the web, when speaking to me about services that they need. Showing me what they are talking about is often easier than trying to find words for some things that might have their own language as items often do on the Internet.

Screen captures are also excellent for creating Featured Images for blog posts when you can’t find what you need. (Always be aware of capturing work that is copyrighted and carries licensing fees.)

Here are some other ideas you can draw from when using a screen capture tool:

  1. Pausing a video to capture a specific image that is within the video.
  2. Capturing a snapshot of a website page to use as an image within a blog post to enhance the reader’s experience when referring to a public figure, news agency, etc.
  3. Snagging a portion of an image to use in a blog post (you can select how much of an image you want to capture and customize your results)
  4. Capturing a moment in time as it happens. A news story, or a Live Streaming video that has information in it that you’d like to remember.
  5. Capturing notes that you’ve written that you want to post, but not have others copy the text in a text editor. Quotes are often shared this way.
  6. Capture an image and edit it in the software’s editing tool by adding arrows, text, highlights, etc. This is extremely helpful to me when I’m teaching a client how to use various online tools, or sharing with them any changes made that they needed to know about within their website.
  7. While creating presentations in PowerPoint, or videos, I will often use a screen capture tool to create an image that I want to be included in the presentation.

Every computer user really needs to have a screen capture tool on their computer – and even though computers come with the ability to capture screens, they are not as user-friendly or as flexible as the stand-alone software provides.

With screen capture software, you get to see immediately what you’ve just captured and then have an option to edit it. My favorite software is Snag-it. It’s awesome that Joseph has collected other brands for you to choose from.

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Best Screen Capture Software
By Joseph Gildred — Last Updated: 05 Dec’17

Whether for a presentation, writing a cloud storage review or saving someone’s daft social media post for posterity, the ability to image your screen comes in handy. While computers have a built-in screenshot function, dedicated screen capture software advances that capability considerably.

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